Interview: the Drive Project

Meet Jay Martin Jr.

Jay Martin Jr. was born in Buffalo, NY but was raised in Seattle, Washington. Jay has always had a heart for the performing arts from the age of eight years old. He's had the opportunity to sing on music albums, perform in theatrical shows such as Godspell, Black Nativity, a leading role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, and more. With the launch of the Drive Project, his goal is to tell one story at a time with believing people will be inspired to dream, set goals, and accomplish them!

Jay always says "I AM SOMEBODY...AND SO ARE YOU!"

Recently, I connected with Jay through Instagram. He is an iconic force of nature and such an inspiration to so many people. He runs an incredible podcast called the Drive Project, which is designed with a unique format that feels like an intimate phone call session. The podcast creates a dynamic style as you listen through different episodes.

In this episode, Jay and I talked about how “Pain Produces Growth”, which for those that know my story, this topic hits very close to home. Hope you are inspired by our conversation and also make sure to check out other episodes on the Drive Project!


The Drive Project is available to listen to on the following platforms:

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