San Francisco.


So yes, I am now living in SF, California and I'm loving it! A little crazy how it all came into play. While I was working at a hotel in Baton Rouge, I was there ALL THE TIME, and never really got a break and I was so physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. My parents gave me a plane ticket to come out to Cali to get away and relax (I am originally from California. Napa Valley and Sacramento area). Oddly enough, there was so much corporate crap going on in the hotel, the hotel manager told me that I should get out of the hotel before things got worse and I did just that. I resigned and moved on knowing in the back of my mind something was on the horizon. This was a week before I went to California. When I gotto California I randomly got connected with City Impact SF, they are a ministry over here that deals with Homeless, Addicts, street ministry...etc. While in the process of me hanging out with them for a couple of days my return flight home was cancelled due to the hurricane and I ended up staying a little longer - during that time they offered me a job and I knew it was the right move for me to do.

I'm doing strategic planning inside the company and also rebranding everything from the ground up. I will be developing new marketing plans, helping generate fluid communications and creating a fresh online presence. I'm so excited about whats to come!

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