The Camalú Project Documentary

This past December I had the privilege of traveling with Future History Project to check out this amazing organization called Open Arms. The things they are doing there are absolutely incredible and I'm so honored to have to the opportunity to go down there and experience it first hand!


Over the years I have worked with many non-profits, ministries and churches and very rarely do you find one that is actually doing real change. Let's be honest, anyone can feed the homeless, clothe the naked but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself: Is this actually fixing the problem or bringing sustainable life change? Many times we tend to just give a quick fix to a temporary need. However I heard about this organization Open Arms and what they were doing and I was immediately compelled to know more!

Around October I sat down with the director, Heidi Keithahn-Elizarraraz, to talk to her about the organization and what they were doing. She began to go down this list of crazy statistics that I was completely un aware of:

  • 10 million children are orphaned in Mexico.
  • 4 out of 5 of those children in orphanages have at least one parent who are too poor to care of them.
  • Hunger and lack of childcare is the #1 complaint of mothers.
  • Marginalized by society, poor children fear being abandoned.

She continues to explain that her and her husband started a free daycare down there in order to keep families together, provide food for kids and bring hope to broken people. What they are doing in Baja Mexico is completely abolishing orphanism! This is not just another non-profit serving a temporary need, this is changing lives and preventing abandonment while creating a safe environment for these kids to find hope!

We went down there to shoot a documentary about this place and also capture personal stories from the parents whom lives have been changed forever because of it! Check out the following trailer as a sneak peak of whats to come: 

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