Disneyland Adventure!

Me and some amazing friends took a trip down to Disneyland and it was a blast! For those of you that we're following along via Snapchat I'm sure you got to see all the crazy moments, and hopefully had a few laughs during all 697 seconds of it! HAHA! If you weren't there all I can say is you missed out. I can proudly say that I am now a Disneyland annual pass holder… So what does that mean?! If you missed out on the fun, then we probably just need to have our own Disney adventure together! You know, because I'll be going all the time now. SO LETS GO!

So here's a little photo recap from our Disney adventure! Enjoy!

Myself, Bethany Marie, Cory Staudacher, Daniel Volland

Even though we waited over an hour I have to ride Space Mountain, AKA THE BEST RIDE EVER, it was SOO WORTH IT!

It was beyond fun! So pumped Kelci, Jonathan, Brandon, Cory, Dylan, and Bailey were also able to join the fun throughout the day!

If you missed out on our legendary Snapchat stories add me and Bethany: jaymelilli & bethanyolson

You're welcome.